Automate Customer Relations

Automate Customer Relations

It’s pretty cold for us. We’ll start kicking it up here and being back to summer in a few weeks, but today we want to talk about something interesting. How about automated customer relations, what does that really mean? Having a relationship with your customer, talking to your prospects and the people in your company, explain a little bit about that, Matt, automated customer.


Yeah. It’s kind of a new term, but automated customer relations is basically everything you want to tell your customers and there’s lots of things that you probably want to tell your new customers, your old customers, or even your new prospects, and if there’s a way to automate those things, then all the better. We can actually get that information out to them in a timely manner, and we can tell them everything we want to tell them and actually get them to really, really love us.

So, what kind of things do you want to tell your customers? I mean, as a small business owner, you’re thinking, “Well, I need make sure my payments are in on time and that they know of my new product that’s coming out and that they know that I care.” But how do you do that?

Well, let me give you an example. So, the other day I was talking to a podiatrist, and he has a specific set of instructions that he wants to give all of his clients, and he runs into this hassle, “I got so much to do in the back office and all this administrative work.” And the things you just talked about. “I don’t really have time to follow up with each patient and make sure that they know what they’re supposed to do with the treatment that I recommended.”

So, we set up and automated way for him to, after an appointment, after he meets with a patient, to automatically send out a follow up that talks about all the things they should be doing with their orthotics and how to care for their feet and all of the things that go along with that treatment. He can do that automatically, take that off his plate, so that he can focus on things like making payroll and all those other things that small business owners have to do.

How cool is that? You go home, and you have this message waiting for you and it might be a little nerve racking when you’re in an office, in a doctor’s office and you don’t know what to do next and what to expect. So, he could do it from before the actual procedure and after so that’s great.

Yeah, and it’s already waiting for them. He wows his patients, and they want to come back, and they have confidence in him, and he saves a little time in the end.

I would feel so cared for if my doctor did that, which I hope a lot of people are picking up on this and taking notes. What other examples do you have maybe more of a professional perspective?

Well, that’s a great question. So, just the other day, I actually had my carpets cleaned, and we have a carpet cleaner who is, he’s really involved in the process, and he wants to make sure that we’re ready for when he comes out to clean the carpets. So, he sent an automated email, he didn’t have to do this, after we scheduled the appointment. The email went out, and it told us exactly what to do with our carpets, to make sure we vacuumed beforehand, make sure that, if we move the furniture, we get a 10% discount, and a couple other things to get ready and that was awesome. He came, he did the work, and then before he even probably got home, we had an email sitting in our inbox telling us exactly what we can do to care for the carpets that he just cleaned.

So, vacuuming schedules, here’s some stain treatment procedures, all that stuff, and everything was automated. He didn’t have to do anything other than come and clean the carpet, but we knew exactly what was going to happen when he got there and exactly what to do when he left. So, he pretty much wowed us and we’re going to definitely have him back in six months.

If you’re walking down the right path A eventually you’ll make progress

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See? That’s great. Customer service plus he threw in the discount, which motivates you and gets you, obviously, to do something beforehand and, for him, it’s easier. It makes his job easier-

Save him time.

… and his people, to save time and complete a really good job. Well, if I ever need my carpets cleaned, I’m going to your friend.

I’ll give you his number.

Absolutely. So what can we tell people out there that are watching, what can you do right now to get this started and automate those conversations?

Awesome. So the first thing to do is just find out, what are the things you want to tell your customers? If you could have a perfect world, what would you tell your customers, what do you want them to know, what would make them most successful, and what would make them love you? Write ’em all down on a whiteboard, on a piece of paper, somewhere, just get them all out there.

Now, pick the top three and figure out a way to automate those. Are those going to be sent out via email? Are those going to send out a postcard with that information? Are you going to make a video about it? Find out how you want to deliver that and make a schedule and then just go for it, deliver it and make it on an automated system so that you don’t have to worry about, everybody’s taken care of, and you can focus on the things that are more important.

That’s great. And I love the idea of the whiteboard because you see it every time you walk by it and then you could even cross it off if you’re like me, and you like to cross things off your list and that makes me feel a lot better, especially if it’s automated. So, since you’re telling people to write those ideas down and those priorities, we want to hear them too. Why don’t you share them with us?

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