Close More Deals By Tracking Your Sales Pipeline

Close More Deals By Tracking Your Sales Pipeline

Today, we’re going to be talking about pipeline. It’s an exciting tool that we have in Infusionsoft. We’re not talking about the Alaskan pipeline necessarily. We’re talking about how you get a customer from the very beginning all the way into a loyal, promoting, someone who paid you, a customer.


Yep. The pipeline that I care about the most is how do I go get that durito into my mouth, so the first stage of my pipeline might be making a decision to get the durito, next might be standing up, next might be walking over, then picking the durito up and then putting it in my mouth.

Now, every business, regardless of if they know it or not, have a sales pipeline. Some of them call it their sales process. Some of them call it their sales funnel, and others actually do call it their sales pipeline, but it’s the stages that you take your customer or your potential customer through in order to get them to buy.

What you’re saying is you’re classifying your steps to go from point A to point Z.

How do I get that guy over there to buy my product over here and map that out?

I love that. That’s awesome.

Yep, so let’s talk a little bit about how we do that in Infusionsoft. I’m going to go ahead and navigate to the pipeline over here, and you’ll notice that, in this pipeline, we actually have stages that are outlined up top. We’ve got qualifying, appointment scheduled, deployment completed, won, and lost, and, in here, we’ve got what we call deals, and deals are that instance where I can make money. Deals are that durito. Each durito is a deal to me.

Interesting. I like that.

Yeah, so let’s say, for example, a realtor, a realtor might call their deal the name of the property that they’re trying to sell or the name of the property that they’re trying to help their buyers buy. A yoga instructor might call their deal the name of the individual that they’re trying to sell or they might call it the bundle of products that they’re trying to get out.

That makes sense.


You have a deal. How do you move a person from one step to the next? What’s that called?

Yeah. Yeah, so that’s just called moving stages. The way that you move stages in Infusionsoft is you can actually just drag a deal over, drop it right in, and now you’re one step closer to the most important thing.

Which is making …


… an interaction, a great experience, and money.

Yeah, getting paid, getting paid through great interactions. Now, what’s interesting about pipeline and what’s important about it especially the way that we do it is, if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to keep all this information in your head.

In fact, I had a moment this morning where I thought I need to talk to so and so about something. Little did I know I actually talked to them about it yesterday, and I looked like a fool for trying to talk to them about it again.

Oftentimes, businesses will manage it through their calendar or sticky notes or just in their head or in their text conversations, but this actually gives you a visual view of where each one of my prospects or customers are at during the buying process.

It’s a way for me to organize my customers, the interactions that I’m having with them and remember where to keep moving forward on.


That’s right.

In this column here, we’ve got appointment completed. I would look so silly if I contacted the credit family and asked to schedule an appointment because we’ve already done that.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how we actually create a deal in here. I’ll give you one guess.

You click on add a deal?

You know what, you’re not just a body. You’re brains.

You’re more than just a pretty face.

Thank you, Ernest. That means a lot coming from you.

I can go ahead and hit add a deal here, name the deal. I’ll just call this Dan’s Amazing Deal, and I can associate a contact. I’m going to be the one that wants to buy this. The deal value, what would you say? 15,000?

That’s it?

Say, 150,000.

That’s better.

We’ll estimate the close date. Let’s just do July 18th, and we’ll assign it to Valery. She’s a great salesperson. All right, so now the deal shows up on here, and I can move this deal from stage to stage like I outlined before.

What’s neat is the dollar figure up top actually changes so I know how money I’m going to make, so, if I need to call a buddy to borrow some money, I can see that far ahead of time, or if I want to go on that vacation, I can plan for it accordingly.

Now, I can actually click in here and do a few things. What do you see on here?

I see contacts, team members, notes, and email, and activity, it looks like. Yep.

Yeah, so contacts are the contacts that are associated with that deal, so who’s going to buy this thing? Oftentimes, you might include multiple people if there’s a couple situation, or if you’re doing B2B, you might include all of the decision-makers in the deal.

Team members are, in your business, who has the ability to view or manage this deal.

If we’re working together, you and I can share that deal.

Yeah. Let’s say I’m in Cabo, and you need to pick up Dan’s Amazing Deal. You can pick up Dan’s Amazing Deal if I add you in here. You’re not a user, so I’m go ahead and add Tyson on here, and Tyson can now see all this information and move the deal along.

Now, you and I talk a lot. I mean-

You and I, or just you?

You and I talk a lot together.

Okay. Oh, yeah, yeah.

It’s getting weird.


We talk to each other way too much.


My wife wanted me to send you that message.

Okay. Tell her-

Because …


… of our conversations, oftentimes, our business will want to record what’s said, so, if we click on add notes here, I can say, “Talk to Dan. He is just as funny as he’s always been,” save that note, and now it’ll actually show up in my activities area.

Oh, awesome.

If Tyson wants to go in here and manage the deal as well, he can see in the note, “Hey, Dan’s a good time. I’m going to contact him and talk about that.”

I like it.

What do you think email does?

It allows you to send an email.

That’s actually right. You choose a recipient, add the subject line, add the message, and you’re on your way.

Cool. Ernest is saying it’s a good showcase of what you can do to manage … not really manage, but create a darn good experience for your customers so that you never forget what you’re doing and, hopefully, help you convert and gain more sales.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah. No problem.


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