Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

That to get more views and engagement on your videos on social media, on wherever it is that you want to use them for, video is key today. Video is ruling out any other type of content, and we want you to get out there and utilize video, and we have a great blog, How to Get More Views and Engagement, from Victor Blasco, he’s the Founder and CEO of the explainer video company, Yum Yum Videos. So check it out.


So, here it is. How to Get More Views and Engagement on Your Video. So today, more than 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every single day. That is crazy. More than a 100 million hours. On top of that, they estimate that by 2020, video is expected to account for more than 80% of all consumer traffic.

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

And did you know that 80% of content that is viewed on Twitter is video? And 90% is from a mobile device. That is a lot of stats, but that just proves how much video is utilized now and how important video is. You have a lot of potential to get in front of your customers, and potential customers. But this could be wasted if you don’t listen to these tips and tricks. And I want you to write them down.

So creating quality content is a must, but you also need to get your video geared towards your audience, in order for them to want to engage with you on the newsfeed. So I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to get more views, more engagement. So let’s get going. And again, feel free to ask me any questions. We want you to get in front of your customers and get those views.

Okay, so the first one, the first tip I’m going to give you, and this comes straight from the blog, is make sure the topic of your video is social media-worthy. Focus on one key point, develop it, and all the ideas around that video. So one main topic. For example, this topic is How to Get More Views and Engagement. Boom. Just one concise topic.

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

You should be able to sum up your video with just one phrase, like the one I just said, and if you succeed, it’ll be easier for your followers and your audience to explain what your video is about when they’re sharing it. So it’ll be easier for them to go ahead and share, and then write a little note because they get it already from the get go. And it’s awesome when people share your video because you get more reach, you get more views, you get more engagement, and that’s exactly what this blog is about.

People watch videos to be informed, to be entertained, or to be inspired. I mean, I’m always looking at funny videos, inspiring videos, and also things that I could learn from. So make sure that your content is geared towards that, whatever your topic is. Make sure … So the number two tip that I’m going to give you, and this again, comes from the blog, but this might not be in order when you go to the blog. Make sure that the structure and length is social media-friendly. Again, we’re going to emphasize social media and videos because that is killer, it’s key today for your business. YouTube is huge one, as well.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, 30 seconds to one minute. Please don’t make them super long because people are going to really be engaged in those short videos, and they’re going to want to share, and watch all the way through. So for Instagram and Twitter, it is 30 seconds to a minute. For Facebook, one minute to under five minutes because … I mean if you go live, of course, you can have longer videos, but this is the optimal time that people will want to watch all the way through if they’re engaged. And under five minutes for YouTube.

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

Now the video length will also depend on the type of video you create, but make sure to keep those numbers in mind. Make sure that the first three seconds capture the message because when people click on that video, or when they see it when they’re scrolling through on their phones, and they see kind of the first three minutes, three seconds and what the video’s about, that’s when you really get their attention.

So 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video, will watch it for at least 10 seconds. And 45% will watch it for 30 seconds, so those are huge stats. And they’re all, again, in the blog. You need to optimize your videos and you need to get those videos out.

So number three, use a call to action. An impactful video should derive and create marketing results, such as more traffic to your website, your clients’ contact information, or more sales. So you’re going to want to have a purpose behind that video. Is it to just get more followers? Is it to get more reach? It is a video that you just think is funny, or what is the purpose? What do you want to get? Do you want them to go a specific landing page? Do you want them … So, make sure that you have that concrete CTA or Call To Action.

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

You can add a link to your website in the copy of the post, or the text overlay at the bottom, if you have captions. Or, at the end of your video, you can create a slide if you’re editing this video on iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, or anything, any other app that you’ve used to edit videos, that says, “Go follow me. Or, go to” So whatever it is that you want them to do after your video, make sure that it’s clear cut and concise.

And the last tip that I’m going to give you is to know your audience. This is very, very important. Figure out who you’re trying to target. What action is it going to make them do? What do you want them to do? The people that watch it need to identify themselves with you, with your video, and with the topic. And make sure that you know who you’re catering to. Facebook also helps you target the audience with preferred audience and restricted audience, and you can go ahead and customize that when you make the ad. So after you put it on Facebook, you can go ahead and customize audiences, and create that ad, and promote it.

Get More Views and Engagement on Your Videos

So I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let’s just close it up. Our research that Infusionsoft did, I found out that 71% of small businesses plan to use social media content to attract new customers this year. And so you’re not going to want to get behind it. It’s already June, about to be July, and you want to make sure that you have that audience, you have that content, you have video.

So try to come up with a creative breakout idea that will engage your audience and your viewers. Make sure that you’re inspiring, informing, or entertaining people, or all of the above, and optimize your copy post. And another tip that I’m going to give you that is on the blog, but I didn’t talk about. Please keep in mind that a lot of people on Facebook don’t or LinkedIn, they don’t click on the video with sound. So if you can optimize that and add subtitles, captions. Facebook lets you do that on Google Chrome, not Safari. Auto generates captions, that is going to be killer for you and your video. So leverage social media’s features to reach your audience.

Thank you, guys, so much for tuning in today. I hope you enjoyed a lot of this time today. We talked about optimizing, talking about video, and making it more engaging, and reaching a bigger audience.

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