How Can Small Businesses Use CRM

How Can Small Businesses Use CRM

Well, welcome. I’m here with Megan, a CRM expert at Infusionsoft. And we’re gonna talk to you today about how small businesses are actually using CRM.


Okay, Megan. Question number one: How do small businesses use a CRM for sales?

Great question. If they have a sales organization, they’re gonna be able to track their sales pipeline-Okay … and overall performance.

Excellent. How about marketing? How does a small business use CRM for marketing?

Wonderful. So based on where any newly comes from, any marketing efforts, we can track that lead. Nurture, have a series of drip nurture campaigns or automated marketing follow-up, and track behavior.

All right, last one: How about support or service for customers?

Great question. So if a prospect or a customer is reaching out for support to a business owner, it’s imperative that they’re able to hop on a conversation and know that prospect or customer well.


So if they need support, they can go ahead and look at their contact records, see all their previous history, behavior, anything that might help them in solving for that prospect or customer’s concern.

Interesting. So it sounds like you’re building a relationship with these people, and the more interactions you have, the more robust each contact record is gonna be.


Any last words about CRM?

No. I would say all of these have the same common thread, right? Relationships. It’s important to any segment, if you have a sales team, you have strong marketing efforts or marketing team, or you have a support system, or a support service team, your business that you’re concerned and worried about the relationship, and making sure that you’re strengthening the relationship. And that’s what a CRM can do for you.

Excellent. Well, there you have it. This is some of the main ways that small businesses are using CRM. If you wanna learn more, click on the link below, read the article. It’s very exciting. We’re also gonna talk about this topic a little further, me and Megan.


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