How Infusionsoft Works In 4 Minutes

How Infusionsoft Works in 4 Minutes

What’s up guys? My name’s Dan. We’re happy to be here. This is … Ernest. Today we’re going to show you what Infusionsoft does, in three minutes (so it’s actually 4 minutes).


That’s fast. Let’s start the timer.

Boom. Number one, capture leads. What does that mean? I’m a small business owner. I have contacts, I have people, I have names, I want to capture them and put them somewhere. We do that three ways. If you have a website, you want people to go on there and put their name in your website. You have a special promotion, you can put that on your website and capture your contact information or if you’re out and about, you have your mobile device, you can put contact information on your Infusionsoft mobile app.

We’ll that’s great Dan. But once I’ve got all these contacts or I got all these leads, I got to organize them.


Right? I got them in spreadsheets and I got them on Post-it notes and I got them on my phone. Can Infusionsoft help me organize my contacts?

You bet you can.

Infusionsoft can help me organize my contacts. Not only can I see all my contacts in one place, I can see who’s a lead and who’s a contact and who’s a customer, who’s bought from me multiple times, and who’s a referral, so that way, I could treat them right.

You know what sounds cool about that?


Is it makes all these Post-its and Excel spreadsheets in my computer, all these contacts get organized into one place, where I can keep track of them all.


That’s awesome.

I like one place.

I love that. Now, we have them all in one place, we have them organized. The next thing is we got to stay in touch with them. There’s two ways that you can do that with Infusionsoft.

First is you can automate emails. You don’t have to sit and type all these emails. You can’t just send them and automatically engage with your customers. The way you do that is through campaign builder, which is the second way. You build your emails in campaign builder, and you set specific parameters or specific rules around what emails they get, and now, your contacts stay in touch.

Wow. That’s great.


You know what? I bought shoes one time, they were men’s shoes.


Guess what happened? I was getting emails about women’s clothing.

Oh, no.

I hate that.

Do you like women’s clothing?

No, I don’t.

You don’t. Okay.

I ended up unsubscribing.

That makes sense.

But guess what?


Infusionsoft would’ve known and Infusionsoft would’ve sent me emails about men’s clothing and I would’ve probably bought.

That’s awesome. That’s a good example.


I’m sorry you got emails about women’s clothing.

It’s okay. Hey, I’m sorry for them.

I’m sure you.

They obviously weren’t using Infusionsoft.


Well, guess what?

What’s that?

I only care about my contacts for one reason and one reason only.

One reason.

I got to make money because if I’m not making money, I’m not in business.


Right? Can Infusionsoft help me process payment?

You bet you can.

Yes, they can. Not only can I process payment using Infusionsoft, but I can actually set up a recurring billing, so that way, I don’t have to chase Dan every single month to get me paid because sometimes, he avoids me.

On purpose.

Well, you know what Dan? A lot of my business comes from word of mouth, so what can we do about that?

Oh, I love that you brought that up. Infusionsoft helps you do that. It helps you get more referrals by asking your previous customers if they have a recommendation for someone that would benefit from your services.

Man, they can do pretty much everything I needed to do. Stop the timer. There you have it.

Yeah. In three minutes, we just shared how Infusionsoft works. One thing we didn’t mention. We help you do all these things, but the outcome of this is that you save time. You don’t have to manage all this. Hopefully, we’re helping people save time, stay organized, make money, which that sounds pretty awesome to me Ernest.

Hey, you know what? You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

That, wow.

That’s really nice.

That was deep. That was deep. I like that.

I’m in a deep mood today, yes.

Yeah, no joke. Guys, come back here next week and check out a new video.

If you’re not a customer of Infusionsoft yet, go to our website and download a free trial (or better yet request a demo below). If you are a customer, well then, you’re going to love our future videos because they are going to be hot.

Hot. Put your comments and questions below


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