How To Increase Your Email Open Rate By Using Infusionsoft

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate By Using Infusionsoft

Today we’re going to be talking about the four ways to get the best open rate for your emails. So, real quick. Why is that important? Emails are the primary way that we allow you, as a business owner, to communicate with your clients. Having the best open rate not only allows you to engage your clients more often, but hopefully it converts into more sales and helps you get more business.


Yeah. What’s the point of writing a compelling message if no one’s actually going to see it? It’s like the whole if a tree falls in the wilderness and no one’s around, does it make a noise? Well, if your email goes into an inbox and no one reads it, was it even there?

Was it ever sent?

I guess, technically it was, but-

Technically it was. But anyway-… that’s not the point.

Today we’re going to be talking about the four ways.

Number one, the subject line. Take it away, Ernest.

Well, let’s go ahead and create a broadcast. I’m going to select this template here. Now, subject line is really important when it comes to creating an email and making sure that it gets opened. And one of the things that’s really helped us is merging, or adding, the contact’s first name into that subject line. So let’s talk a little bit about how we can do that in the system.

So I’ve got my subject line area right here, and you’ll notice on the right-hand side I have a button for merge. If I click on this, it presents me some options. I’m going to go ahead and click on the most common, and you’ll see first name, last name, email, title, company and phone. For this case, I’m going to click first name. Now, what that’s doing is it’s actually going to be looking at the contact’s first name and inserting into the subject line and sending it out. So that way, the emails that come to you are going to say Dan and the emails that come to me are going to say Ernest.

So I might say something like, “Contact first name, you’re going to love this,” for example. And that, in and of itself because of the personalization, will help increase your open reaction rate.

Yeah, I’ll open an email with my name on it every time.

Yeah. Now, something else that’s really important, almost as important if not more important, than the subject line is the preview text. So back in the day, the way that the preview text looked … you know, when you look at email on your phone or on your desktop and it’s got the subject line and then you can kind of begin reading the email?

Yeah, delete if it’s not relevant to me.

Exactly. So, back in the day, email service providers would have a “Click here to view in your browser” or “Having trouble viewing this email? Click here,” or even like a URL or a bracket with images. Well, instantly people understand that that’s a marketing email, and they may be less likely to open it. So what we’ve done, is we’ve given you the power to actually make that modification and make that message just as powerful as the subject line to help get those open rates.

So, for example, here we might add something like, “We’re excited to announce” and that in and of itself could be something that drives someone to open that email message.

Yeah, that’s great. What about some more advanced ways we can increase open rate? I think those are two so far that are great.

Yeah. So, some advanced ways … we’ve released AB testing, and with email subject AB testing, for those of you that don’t know, I’m not a content writer but I think my stuff that I’m sending is pretty valuable. If I want to test out subject lines, or if I want to test out calls to action, or even content for that matter, or maybe even promotions, I have the ability to do that inside of InfusionSoft, and I can test five different variations at once, and I can then dictate whether it’s the open rate or the click rate that dictates the winner. Then InfusionSoft will intelligently figure out that winner and then send the remainder emails based on the email that won.

That sounds pretty neat.

It is really cool. We could spend a whole other video talking just about that.

Cool. The other thing I’ve always wondered about is when’s the best time to send an email?

You know what? That’s a great question. We give you the ability to actually optimize that. We’ve got this review and send option up top, and if I click on here, you’ll notice that I’ve got a few different send times. I can actually send now, which will send the email right now. I can schedule to send later, if I’m doing a launch or something along those lines. Or I could send at the best time today. And what this does, is it actually looks at the open rates based our customer base. It looks at the open rates based on your customers inside your system and then it intelligently decides what the best time of day for that email to send so that it’s likely for your contact to open that email.

That’s awesome.

It is really cool.

So you’re telling me, you’re looking at the world and you’re saying, “This is the most likely time that your client will open that email“?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

That’s great.


Awesome. Well guys, those are the four ways to increase open rate. Again, to recap, enter in someone’s name through merge field in the subject line. Second, add a catchy preview so that they are hooked into your message. AB test so you can check out and try different content to see what gets the best open rate, and last, send at the best time.

Yeah. So, write up your messages. We’re going to help you get them read. Happy sending.

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